Don’t See You.

 Working with Melissa Espinosa is always a beautiful collaborative process void of ego. We trust each other. Trust is the most important ingredient in any collaboration. “Don’t See You” is an acknowledgment of all the times I ignored my intuitions. Writing the song was an exercise in speaking more plainly, after falling deeply in love with metaphors and analogies.

Looking For a God.

Another collaboration between Melissa and I.

Our workflow is seamless, and filled with a genuine appreciation for each other - both as humans & artists.

Director: Melissa Espinosa DP: Tamarcus Brown Color Grading: Mary Perrino Creative Dir: Ehlie Luna


This one is very special to me.

It was produced by one of my best friends at a time when I was starting to ask myself, what kind of artist am I?

what kind do I want to be?

Performing this song live made it clear.

Creating the visuals with a great team, was truly a gift. Jonatan Mejia pushed to make this collaboration happen and styled me. We did great work together.

We proceeded with Vongsawat behind the lens on this, the first video I wrote the treatment for, creative directed and produced.

Though, I have to admit, when I was doing those things I didn’t know most of it had any title. I just wanted to see what was in my head come to life.

If You Stay.

I’m a bit addicted to putting teams together.

While never a logistics person, somehow planning shoots is a passion of mine, even tho organizing with all the schedules can be hectic.

Working with Aana, Ashley, and Isabella on this shoot where we captured video and photo, was nothing short of a dream. We were efficient but indulgent.

I met all of these women on Instagram. Remember when people used to say “it’s just instagram!”?

What a game changer.


I was in rehearsals with my long time friend/collaborator Alyx Audio when I started playing around with alternative melody to Britney Spear’s Toxic.

We put it out as a one off cover. Next thing I knew we were shooting a video.

I had been following Odna on IG after discovering her via Ryan Burke. She has a unique approach to movement. It seemed strange, sensual and familiar. Though I had never moved that way before, it felt necessary to reach out.

Not only did she agree to choreograph for the video, she choreographed more than I expected - the entire video. She was truly inspired, and translated the feeling into dance. Under her direction, this visual took on a new shape.

Stephanie Hui - a masterful hair artist graced the project with her abilities. Jonatan styled, as he often did at that time in our 2 year long collaboration.

I pulled tons of references for the looks, and we had an incredible day.

Vongsawat brought is signature aesthetic, direction and overall steering/support, as he always does.

Me, Janis and Jimi.

This visual was locked in the archives for 2 years.

In 2018, I challenged myself to release work without media support. It felt good to grant myself permission, a highly recommended practice.

Dir: Spencer Kohn, Producer: Ehlie Luna, Stylist: Jonatan Mejia


I wrote this song about my father.

As a child, he was in and out on my life.

This song was born out of a time when I started to make peace with all the broken pieces that maDe me.

1 month after this video was released via Noisey, my grandmother died and my father and I reconnected.

it’s hard to describe what “jilted” means to me.

Dreamtiger shot, directed, and pitched the concept. I loved it.

We flew Eno Swinnen in from Belgium to work on the 2D animation, and the rest is history.

Directed & Created by DREAMTIGER |

Co-Produced by Remedial Media Associate Producer - Callie Chiang 2D Animation - Eno Swinnen Title Designer - Reo Special thanks to Remedial Media, Callie Chiang, Jonathan Wing and Carla Finley

I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femaleness and my femininity. And I want to be respected in all of my femaleness because I deserve to be.
— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, We Should All Be Feminists

Baptise Me.

I wrote this song with The Hustle Standard & Fredrik “Fredro” Odesjo at THS’s upstate home.

We spent the night there.

It was a truly meaningful experience getting to work with two creatives I’ve worked with for over 6 years.

The song was the most important thing. No politics. Just music.

I honestly didn’t expect for this video to premiere on Billboard or anywhere really.

Fredro and I rented a car, drove to Jersey, and I changed in the backseat.