Womanism: A practice.

You are my sister. 
If you are better at something, let me learn from you. If I've been down a road before, let me guide you.

If we're lost, let's find a way together. If I know something, I will share. 
When the odds are stacked against us, let's remember, it's not us against each other. If you forget how magical you are, I will remind you. We might travel a similar path, but your place in this world is as unique as your fingerprints, as is mine. I cannot replace you. You cannot replace me. This is magic. This is perfection.

I am no more a threat to you than the moon and we are just as in sync. 
We are so tiny in all of this, but within us, there are worlds to be explored. Let's not be blinded by figments of a malnourished imagination.

Let's be tiny little mirrors magnifying the best in each other.

Let's be the light encouraging each other to grow.

Let's go back to our true nature.

Don't retreat into yourself. 

Self Portrait w/ Latasha Mercer.

Self Portrait w/ Latasha Mercer.

Ehlie Luna