Does Positive Thinking Mean Not Seeing Any Negatives?


What a time to be alive!

All at once there’s a spiritual awakening and a spiritual awakening trend.

The only thing more mainstream right now than being “more spiritual, not religious” is being “positive”.

I’m a Sagittarius and one thing we are besides hard to pin down, is optimistic. We always find the silver lining. We are arguably THEE sign of positivity.

However, I’m also a first generation Haitian-American from Brooklyn.

Growing up an optimist but surrounded by people who thought “keeping it real” was a character trait and meant saying the most negative or hurtful things with no intention of being constructive is the ultimate balancing act.

It leveled out my world view.

I think we can be positive without being delusional.

We can be real without being destructive and toxic.

We can be optimistic considering all the facts, not jus the convenient ones.

We can be honest about hard truths with love helping to guide our words and actions.

Sometimes I’m afraid that curating our lives through highlights, public photo journals and blurbs is bleeding out of the screens and into daily interactions.

It’s a recipe for disaster since wherever we go and whatever narrative is spun, the truth is there. It always is.

Another place I’ve noticed this positivity bias (if you will) is under the guise of “no bad vibes”.

It’s bizarre, because if a person is participating in some kind of willful ignorance or delusion to protect themselves then any energy or presence that threatens to have them face reality is deemed a “bad vibe”.

Something like “no vibes that I’m incapable of matching because I’m not being real with myself and I’m not on the vibration of truth” would be more accurate.

Anyway, I have more to say on the topic but I gotta go and get some rest.

Stay up.

Photo: Craig Hall

Ehlie Luna