Vegan Friendly Spots In NYC

Here’s a list of plant based places I love, that the carnivores in my life are happy to go to. There are more plant based options in NYC, these are the CUTEST!

  1. Peacefood — There are 2 locations, one on Amsterdam avenue and one on 11th street. I love both, but vibe wise you get more on 11th street. I brought my brother and nephew here, and even they loved it. Trust me, that’s saying a lot! My faves are: Japanese pumpkin, chickpea fries, the peace bowl is a classic, and the lasagna. If you see a linguini dish on the dinner menu, order it. The un-chicken is pretty legit too if you’re looking for something “meaty”. Don’t even get me started on the strawberry shortcake.

  2. Urban Vegan Kitchen — UVK is serving a bit more of a cool factor with a focus on comfort food in the West Village. Faves: Chick-un & waffles, jackfruit quesadilla, uvk quarter pounder, mexican corn and okra the only way I understand it. Fried. I never seem to catch the events there but I do appreciate the community aspect. Maybe you’ll have better luck?

  3. Champs Diner — First of all, they’re open until midnight. So that alone is a game changer. Finding cute plant based friendly food after 10 anywhere is a challenge, even in New York. Faves: Mushroom Po’ Boy is a must try! Honestly, I’ve been to Champs so many times — and the only thing I remember being underwhelming was the Beloved Bowl. Yeah, definitely not here for that one.

  4. Red Bamboo — My first vegan spot. When I lived in East Harlem, I would take the train down to this spot on West 4th, order the buffalo wings, a glass of water and the check. This was before I realized, soy isn’t really something I need as a regular part of my life. The food is great, but the desserts?! Get some kind of cake. Trust me.

  5. Modern Love — I first experienced this gem last year for my birthday. This is the kind of spot you hit up when you want to really sit down and luxuriate. It’s a little more swank, but you won’t leave hungry and hitting up a bodega for snacks. The overall experience is laid back, kinda like Nobu — where you know you’re getting great service but the vibe is chill. Faves: Well, this menu changes a lot. I know that everything I ate blew. my. mind!

  6. Avant Garden — The East Village location is a sweet date spot. At AG they focus on real food. This isn’t the place for fried chick-un nostalgia. There’s a focus on the culinary arts. Beautiful ambiance, worth a visit if you’re over all the fake meat stuff.

  7. Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian— 3 words: Vegan Dim Sum! Several gluten free options and a menu full of things you almost never see plant based versions of . I’ve been there twice this this month. It’s the 18th.

  8. Spring Natural Kitchen — This menu is a crowd pleaser! There are equally well thought out options for carnivores and vegans alike. The butternut mushroom shawarma on steamed buns had me shook! I wasn’t ready, but I’ll definitely be back.

  9. NIX — Almost forgot about this gem! You can take your non-vegan loved ones but be sure to try the cauliflower tempura with steamed buns. Sooooo goooood!

  10. Confectionary -Nothing but sweets. Stop in for chocolate, macaroons, their vegan version of a Snickers ice cream bar. There’s too much to mention.

I hope this helps you, whether you live here in NYC or are just passing thru. Let me know if you end up at one of my faves and I definitely wanna know what you ate!

Ehlie Luna