Gifts of the Lunar Eclipse + Blood Moon.

The Gifts Of Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon


Develop your own rituals.

Follow your own heart.

Watch the false self fall. Don’t cling to who you never were. Appreciate what was learned, and forgive yourself. Trust yourself. Spinning for the sake of spinning will leave you dizzy. Be still with me, and we’ll accelerate like we never dreamed possible. Inner stillness, not the kind that threatens ambition, but we have to learn the difference and trust the former for the mission.

Continue your work, if it calls you. Follow that call until there is silence. To confuse yours with another’s is the recipe for personal riots.

Since the highest highs and the lowest are what we carry inside,

only we have the power to deny ourselves the freedom to fly.

To feel this alive something has to die.

To put this joy in the hands of men, I’d have to question what it means to take flight.

Why are we preparing for the past?

Your armor is for wars you’ve already fought, and you know tough times don’t last.

Proud chest and tattered vests, but a heart that beats must bleed thru life’s tests.

You aren’t cold, or savage but warm and afraid. That’s ok. This too is strength. You win every time you live another day.

Keep the lessons close.

Return to you. The you that you were before trauma before the blur.

There is no blame, there is no them.

There’s you. There’s me. There’s us and this moment. Nothing else. What will we do with it?

Ehlie Luna