The Royal Wedding: A Come Up For The Culture?

Meghan Markle, an intelligent, beautiful and inspiring woman by any standards. That’s Meghan the woman, on her own, sans British Monarchy.

I couldn’t help but notice how much emphasis was placed on her blackness surrounding the historic nuptials. One news outlet even suggested “black women should be proud”.

Oh really?

Let me get this straight. The subtext here is that a WOC is being “allowed” to be a part of this family and how we should be celebrating this “great honor”. *eye roll

Call me crazy, but to me this is a win for the British Monarchy moreso than Meghan!

Sure, they’ve broken with a tired tradition (well Harry has, the royal woke) that encourages dysfunction and ends with some of the most repressed people on Earth. Good for them. It was time!

I watched clips from the sermon and for the most part I saw a lack of class from some of the most pretentious people alive.

To me this wedding is all upside for the monarchy. It was an awesome PR blitz for “a new day”.

Time will tell how new the day actually is.

In the meantime, let’s be clear. When it comes to black women, this event speaks to their own “evolution”, NOT OURS!

Ehlie Luna