A Love With Limits

People usually want us to be limited by their limitations, even when they love us, maybe especially when they love us.

Forgive them, love them anyway.

That’s their stuff, not yours.

When we challenge the status quo, it makes some people uncomfortable. Then they in turn, put the squeeze on us.

Suddenly you might find yourself questioning your guidance, or feeling less excited about something you were just proud of a second ago.

It’s like their doubt is contagious.

Umm, that’s because it is!

This sort of thing can feel like a lack of support or even hate, but trust me, It’s not personal. Here’s a theory: It’ could be the modern day expression of a primal need to be included, a fear of standing apart from the group, on some caveman, dna deep, basic human survival tip.

I place it in a category not unlike how we treat a friend that’s feeling under the weather.

Check on them, see if they need anything, but keep a safe distance so you don’t catch it. Let’s hope the get well soon.

Stay up dreamers.

Ehlie Luna