You Could Do That

You’ve got ideas. Lots of them. Your ideas are better than most of what you see out there, at least in your head they are, since that’s the only place your ideas have been allowed to exist.

Often, when you see what you deem lackluster being celebrated, you’re irritated. In less than 60 seconds, you notice at least 3 ways you could’ve done it better.

It seems you’ve become quite the critic. Maybe you should start getting paid for how much you know better than the people out there actually doing the work.

Maybe you should be inspired by them to move.

Your mood swings like a possessed pendulum and it’s hard not to feel anxious. There’s always this nagging feeling you should be doing something but you haven’t quite figured out what it is. 

You have a list of reasons why you haven’t tried to do your thing yet, THAT thing. You know the one.

There’s another word for that list: Excuses.

The thing is you’re super clever, and generally a logical person. So you can make that list make sense. You can actually make it sound cool, but where has that gotten you.

You’re me.

I get you.

So I can say this to you - 

Get out of your own way.

Honor your ideas. When you ignore them, it’s like saying no to inspiration. The more you reject inspiration, the frequent her visits.

Ideas are meant to be shared, developed.

Serve your ideas.

Treat them like the line of communication to a higher power that they are.

They come to you because you are actually capable.

Plot twist: You already know this on some level. That place of knowing is where we need to operate from. Let that be our goal every day.

Ehlie LunaComment